Your Passion. On Purpose.


My name is Michael Todd Wilson and I have three passions that drive my calling as a professional:

  • Leading Christian men away from sexual sin and towards a life consistent with their deeper identity in Christ
  • Resourcing Christian parents who have concerns about their children’s sexuality
  • Supporting Christian ministry leaders towards sustained effectiveness and impact

For over 15 years, I worked as a Licensed Professional Counselor in a traditional counseling practice, serving clients in the greater Orlando and Atlanta areas. My primary areas of focus were working with Christian men and ministry leaders on a variety of men’s issues, the most significant of which was in the area of sexual integrity.

Now, God has called me to take what I’ve learned through my private practice and make it accessible from anywhere as a professionally-trained life coach. The renewed purpose and freedom that other Christian men have found can be yours, too. All it takes is a phone or video connection and a willingness to take the risk to trust that the Lord wants to do a work in your life. Not to simply set you free from what limits you, but to set you free to more passionately pursue Him in a life that’s driven by meaning and purpose.

What’s that fire inside your belly that you’ve all but given up on? It’s still there. It’s about the freedom to fulfill God’s ultimate calling in your life. That’s my calling: leading Christian men to live intentionally from their true hearts.

For too long, your passions may have gotten the best of you. I’m here to help you reconnect with living your passions… on purpose.

Latest Blog…

  • The Serenity Prayer – Courage (part 3 of 9)

    The Bible is filled with stories about courage. Interestingly enough, these stories are often as much about courage and faith to trust in God as they are courage to face a tough circumstance or adversary. Sure, sometimes it’s courage to stare down enemy (David), but it could just as likely be courage to look stupid by following a counter-intuitive God plan (Noah) or wait patiently for God to act when everything inside us wants to take charge of it ourselves (Abraham).

    This version of the Serenity Prayer focuses on courage to change the things which should be changed. This is different than the more common prayer circulated these days, which says to change what “can be changed”. This begs the question: as Christ followers, is it sufficient motivation to want to change our circumstance simply because we can?