Unburdened. You’re not the only one. The question is not whether you struggle with sexual integrity, but how you struggle. Christian leaders are Satan’s primary targets in the arena of sexual sin and temptation, but many suffer the burdens of past and current mistakes in shame and silence. Michael Todd Wilson understands these challenges and provides honest, grace-filled counsel drawn from years of experience helping men achieve greater sexual integrity. He uncovers the everyday tendencies that keep us from overcoming our personal obstacles and provides fresh ideas to live in the light. Unburdened is perfect for individuals, groups or one-on-one mentoring relationships. Take a step into the path of authenticity and release the sexual sins that bind you.

Preventing Ministry Failure

Preventing Ministry Failure. Great ministers don’t just happen. Great falls from ministry don’t just happen either. A complex mix of internal and external factors can test the limits of your ability to minister wholeheartedly over the long haul. Preventing Ministry Failure is a personal guidebook for pastors and other ministry leaders to prepare them to withstand common pressures and to flourish in their called ministry vocation. Work through the exercises and reflections individually or in conversation with your peers. You’ll find yourself better equipped for the challenges of vocational ministry and more aware of how to live out God’s unique calling on your life with greater impact. This book was inspired through MT’s work with ShepherdCare, a nonprofit ministry offering support and training for ministers by promoting health and long-term effectiveness in ministry.


Soul Virgins. Soul Virgins is a book for Christian single adults who have decided to live counter-culture with regard to their sexuality. God’s design for the Christian single isn’t about the extremes of repressive restraint on the one hand or hedonistic expression on the other. Instead, it’s about pursuing God’s heart about single sexuality — from the inside out.Physical virginity is a godly value; however, soul virginity is at the heart of physical virginity – and it is the heart that matters most to God. With a right heart, right behaviors follow.Of course, everyone has compromised their soul virginity at various points along life’s road. Many have surrendered their physical virginity as well. Soul Virgins is about reclaiming soul virginity — no matter where life’s journey has taken you. Physical virgin or not, Christian single adults can still surrender themselves to God, the great and passionate Lover of their souls.