Sexual Integrity Recovery

If you are like my typical client, right now you are probably asking yourself a few very important questions:

Does this guy believe the same way I do as a Christian?

It’s important to find someone who will lead you with similar life values to your own. Someone who will remind you what your deeply-held values and convictions are, regardless of how you might be struggling to live them out right now.

I am a committed disciple of Jesus Christ first and foremost. I hold to a traditional view of the authority of Scripture in the believer’s life. I work with my clients from a distinctly Christian framework. I know this is a critically important consideration if you want to discuss sensitive sexual topics from a Christian worldview that swims upstream against our culture’s distorted sexual values. If so, you’ve found the right place.

Can this guy help me?

As a Licensed Professional Counselor and certified sex therapist with nearly fifteen years experience working with men in traditional private practice settings, I’ve heard lots of stories and walked with men through some very dark days in their recovery. Some bailed out along the journey, but many surrendered their pride to the Lord and persevered. Those men regained marriages, ministries, their sense of worth and their sense of meaning, purpose and calling. My role is to help you learn from those men (both from their successes and failures) and to chart a course towards greater sexual integrity.

Typical client stories include:

  • Internet pornography
  • Sexually compulsive behaviors (trust me, yours isn’t unique)
  • Affairs
  • Single-adult life issues
  • Unwanted same sex impulses and attractions

Using proven recovery methods filtered through the solid counsel of scripture, I can help you explore effective ways to live more consistently with your values in light of biblical truth.

Can this guy really help ME?

This question really isn’t about me, but about you. For too long, your shame has kept your hidden struggles in the dark. “If people knew the real me…” You don’t have to live under Satan’s lies anymore. Your future isn’t limited to you past failures. A different future is possible. You’ve already taken the first step by being here on this page. The next step is only an email or phone call away.

What to Expect

The unique circumstances around Sexual Integrity Recovery might leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and hesitant. This is why from the very first point of contact I seek to create a supportive, relational approach to our work together. This isn’t counseling, where a diagnosis is being “treated”, as you might experience in a doctor’s office. Professional coaching is a collaborative and relational process where you are the focus, not your problem.

It’s time for taking direct action towards greater integrity.

And I’m ready to walk with you.

Get Started

A brother is born to help in time of need.” – Proverbs 17:17b, NLT