Insights on navigating confusing sexual attractions…

I am a mother of a 15 year old son who has struggled with confusion over his sexual attractions. My husband and I were referred through Focus on the Family for guidance in understanding what… Read more “Insights on navigating confusing sexual attractions…”

As a parent, an invaluable resource…

For us as parents, MT became an invaluable resource for finding some footing in an incredibly confusing time in the life of our son. His approachable demeanor and depth of knowledge reassured us that we… Read more “As a parent, an invaluable resource…”

MT helped to develop a logical way for us to talk with our son…

MT helped to develop a logical way for us to talk with our son, who makes sexual choices inconsistent with our values as his parents.  What touched me most was his insight into my own… Read more “MT helped to develop a logical way for us to talk with our son…”

Often parents need a resource to help them understand and effectively respond to their children as they grow towards greater autonomy and independence. This is especially true when older children hold sexual values that are different from those of their parents.

I provide parent consultation for sexual concerns in teen and adult children. This is a short-term resource (generally 2-5 sessions in length) designed to help you as parents:

  • Have a confidential place to talk through your feelings and beliefs about your child’s concerning sexual behaviors
  • Understand your own values related to your child’s behaviors
  • Access resources and support that are consistent with your values
  • Work with your spouse (if married) to create a reasonable, healthy and intentional response towards your children

Services are conveniently and discretely offered by telephone and video conference.