MT is a Board Certified Coach whose unique background and expertise make him a powerful tool in helping you reach your goals. Whether it’s sexual integrity coaching, ministry coaching, or business coaching, he can help you move forward and go further than you ever thought you could. Find out more about the coaching that fits your needs by exploring the buttons on the left.


Coaching services are conveniently offered by telephone and secured web-conferencing tools. Work with MT from your home or office, without having to waste valuable time traveling to meet face to face.


Confidentiality is important to any coaching relationship. It allows you a supportive growth environment of unconditional acceptance for being encouraged rather than judged. MT understands this is especially important for ministry leaders who often feel alone and isolated in times of need due to the nature of leadership positions.

What to Expect

After exploring the types of coaching MT offers, here are the steps you take to get started:

  • Make the call. Contact MT to schedule your initial evaluation and answer any questions you may have.
  • Complete and return the coaching agreement and related forms. You may return the paperwork by email, fax or US Mail.
  • Conduct the initial evaluation. During your initial coaching call, MT will review your completed forms, assess your goals, and create a tailored plan for your coaching relationship. Then you will work together with MT to establish a call schedule and discuss the next steps for taking direct action to move things forward from the very first session.


Payments are made prior to each call and automatically receipted by email. We are pleased to accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Debit Cards through PayPal. Coaching services are not reimbursable under insurance.