MT was an invaluable resource for developing a framework for making wiser decisions in my life.

MT was an invaluable resource for developing a framework for making wiser decisions in my life.  His practical and insightful counseling was provided in an environment that was safe and nonjudgmental yet while being straightforward… Read more “MT was an invaluable resource for developing a framework for making wiser decisions in my life.”

As a Christian business executive, it’s often tough to balance the competing demands of a challenging, competitive work environment with your faith. Working with an executive business coach is a convenient and collaborative relationship that can lead to greater productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

Who Benefits from Coaching?

  • Christian CEO’s and others in executive leadership (profit and nonprofit settings)
  • Sales, management and marketing directors
  • Medical professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and small business owners

Common areas for coaching include:

  • Productivity
  • Work overload
  • Stress mismanagement
  • Career transition
  • Unclear forward vision
  • Disorganization
  • Need for stronger sexual integrity (see also sexual integrity recovery)

I am not the expert on your life... you are. Therefore, we will focus on your goals. My role as a trained listener is to offer observations and skillful questions designed to help you clarify your best path forward. The coaching relationship gives you the confidence to transfer vision for your business into purposeful action.

Clients who aren’t afraid to confront issues and deal with what’s been holding them back can become powerful influencers in their industry. If you have a desire for growth and are ready to work a little “outside of the box,” executive business coaching will likely work well for you.

At the Core

During our first few calls together, we’ll develop a personal plan that first focuses on your own self-care. I’ve noticed that many professionals lose sight of how to keep stress low and their goals in sharp focus. This makes self-care paramount. As Christian businessmen, we sometimes need to briefly refocus on the basics, such as reconnecting personal intimacy with God and our spouse or re-clarifying our unique calling as a Christian in the workplace. Once these are re-established, other work-related goals can often seem considerably more achievable.

What Sets Intentional Hearts Apart

With a background that includes business consultant, executive manager, professional counselor and nonprofit ministry director, I approach executive coaching from a unique perspective. I can help you assess your current career goals in light of the passion of your true calling. If you’re not clear on your God-given calling right now, no worries. This is a common part of work with my clients in the early stages. I want to help you discover God’s best plan for you, whether that’s a one-degree or a 90-degree course correction moving forward. As we surrender our time to the Lord, we can trust Him to give us direction.

Take the Next Step

  • Contact me to discuss your unique situation
  • Schedule your initial executive evaluation session, which includes a more comprehensive pre-session questionnaire to assess your goals for coaching
  • These steps enable us to create a tailored plan for our coaching relationship, allowing us to “hit the ground running” with immediate action steps for moving things forward from our very first scheduled call.