My time with MT has been very life giving.

My time with MT has been very life giving. He was warm and understanding from the very beginning and created a safe environment to discover grace and truth concerning who I am in Christ.  My… Read more “My time with MT has been very life giving.”

MT helped me work through a very difficult season in ministry…

MT helped me work through a very difficult season in ministry, refocusing my attention from the lies I was listening to back to the truth of God’s Word and who I am in Christ.  He… Read more “MT helped me work through a very difficult season in ministry…”

I turned to Michael Todd Wilson for coaching for my Elder team and myself.

I turned to Michael Todd Wilson for coaching for my Elder team and myself. Personally, I needed coaching in moving beyond my relational isolation.  As a pastor, I was “friends” with many people and at… Read more “I turned to Michael Todd Wilson for coaching for my Elder team and myself.”

As a ministry leader, you are a unique brand of business executive. Your work requires a delicate balance of vision, execution and one more factor typically absent from the corporate world: faith.

For years, Fortune 500 companies have used executive coaching as a proven method for motivating employees toward greater effectiveness in the workplace. But what does this look like when applied to leadership in Christian ministry?

Executive ministry coaching with Intentional Hearts is designed to assist you as a ministry professional in directing passionate calling into purposeful action. This happens – not in your own strength – but in the power that God provides through your life as it is intentionally surrendered to Him.

Executive coaching can be a powerful tool, enabling you as a creative ministry leader to connect to your true vision. Integrating biblical values and insight, executive ministry coaching recognizes that a minister’s heart, when fully surrendered to God, can accomplish seemingly impossible things.

All coaching services are conveniently offered by telephone and video calling.

Executive ministry coaching is ideal for:

  • Christian nonprofit directors and management
  • Denominational leadership
  • Senior pastoral church staff (regardless of church size)

Common areas of coaching focus include:

  • Loss of passion or creativity
  • Work/ministry overload
  • Stress mismanagement
  • Confusion over ministry calling
  • Unclear vision
  • Career transition
  • Disorganization
  • Need for stronger sexual integrity (see also sexual integrity recovery)

In my previous fifteen years as a Licensed Professional Counselor, I was trained to listen well. As a trained professional coach, I can help you stay focused on what really matters. Your dreams, visions and goals can often get lost in the noise and chaos of life and ministry. Working with someone like me for a season can help you reflect your true heart’s vision back to you, enabling you to stay on track.

I seek to use proven coaching methods to transform your unique passions into purposeful action. If you are…

  • Ready to grow
  • Willing to stretch the limits of your “box”
  • Able to learn from your mistakes
  • Ready to live out your unique calling

…then you are in an ideal season for maximum benefit from executive ministry coaching.

At the Core:

Healthy ministerial self-care is a key aspect of my coaching model. This is based upon the Seven Foundation Stones for Effective Long-Term Ministry as described in my book, Preventing Ministry Failure. Stephen Covey coined the phrase “sharpening the saw” to describe the regular maintenance each professional needs for staying strong and vibrant. In addition to other coaching goals you may have, I will help you develop a personal self-care plan tailored to your particular ministry context. This may include:

  • Reconnecting personal intimacy with God and spouse (instead of simply “relating” to both out of ministry necessity)
  • Pursuing genuine same-gendered friendships (most often neglected by ministers)
  • Re-affirming your unique ministry calling that can only flow directly from your intimate relationship with God
  • Stress management
  • Boundaries
  • Re-creation
  • People skills
  • Leadership skills

I firmly believe that God wants to do a significant work in and through both you and your ministry. Unclog the pipeline and surrender to His path for you… this is where the journey begins!

What Sets Intentional Hearts Apart

Unlike many secularly-focused executive coaching programs, my approach to coaching is relationship based and highly tailored to your unique objectives. After all, God does His work through relationship with us. To me, a strong collaborative relationship is an essential foundation for us to begin work on getting you from where you are to where you sense God wants you to be.

When surrendered before the Lord, the coaching relationship holds more power for change than a mere focus on assessments, tools, plans, etc. From this foundation, we can explore together where God is actively working and determine what changes need to occur for you to “risk” joining Him. Your calling to join God in His bigger story emerges from the intersection of His initiative, His work and your leap of faith to join Him. Having a collaborative coaching relationship in such times of transition can serve as the bridge to get you out of “stuck” and onto God’s path for you… no matter how ridiculous that path seems from a human perspective!

Why I Do It

My professional background as a business consultant, licensed professional counselor and nonprofit ministry director provides me with a unique framework to help you quickly and accurately assess where you are “stuck.” Our coaching journey together will be designed to help you grow towards greater productivity, creativity and purposeful direction.

Ready to Get Started?

  • Contact me to discuss your unique situation
  • Schedule your initial evaluation session, which includes a more comprehensive pre-session questionnaire to assess your goals for coaching
  • These steps enable us to create a tailored plan for our coaching relationship, allowing us to “hit the ground running” with immediate action steps for moving things forward from our very first scheduled call.