Published May 27th, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Speaking at Church of the Apostles (ATL) June 12-13

For those who are local to the Atlanta area, I’ll be speaking alongside some of my favorite colleagues at Church of the Apostles June 12-13. Here is the itinerary…

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Here are some of the Scriptures that come to my mind on those days I can’t see the big picture of the forest for the tree that’s right in front of me.

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It was a simple question, really. I was just calling Verizon to find the number of someone who’d called me and it was further back in the history than my iPhone would show. But I got more than I bargained for.

And for once, that was a good thing.

Published May 4th, 2015 in Blog | Comments Off on Flapping at the Window: What a Bird Taught Me about Trusting God

All day long, this bird (actual photo) has been outside my window, thumping against the glass and flapping his wings incessantly. If he disappears, he’s not gone 10-15 minutes before he’s back at it again. He was there at 8 AM this morning; and at 4:30 PM, he’s still here. Flap flap, flutter flutter, thump thump.

What’s he doing? What are his motives? Is he hungry?

I have no idea, but I feel sorry for him. But some days, how I live my life doesn’t seem much different than this little bird.

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“Let’s Talk about S-E-X: Equipping Parents to Tackle Sex and Dating with Truth and Tenacity”, by Talli Moellering, does exactly what the title claims. It’s a “how-to” guide for all parents of middle- and high-school parents who desire to educate their teens about the facts surrounding teen sex but lack the confidence and tools to do so.

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The psalmist’s implication is that this is to be the naturally dependent state of our relationship with God. Not compulsory, but voluntary.