Blogs Now Open for Discussion and Feedback

I’m a reluctant sort when it comes to moving into social media. It typifies my struggle with the complexity of modern life, combined with my ADHD and (on my worst days) my high degree of distractibility.

Yet I know it’s the direction I need to move. Just about all my entire professional life is now digitized – my work with clients, my writing, even some of my public speaking.

Some days, I feel like Max Headroom, the British artificial intelligence character from the 1980’s, incessantly repeating myself while stuck inside a squawk box.

Anyway, I’m embracing my destiny, step by step. So here’s the next one.

I’ve realized for some time my need for opening up my blog for conversation and feedback. Until now, it’s felt a bit overwhelming thinking about one more thing to manage. But many of you send me email feedback (which I greatly appreciate) and I realize some would prefer to simply leave it here, instead.

So, now I invite you to do that.

A couple of rules, however:

  • I will delay posting of all comments until I can review them first. Early on, my blog was open to comments and received a great deal of spam. That’s when I got overwhelmed and closed it off. I think I now have the bandwidth to manage that.
  • If you’re a former/current client, I ask you to either refrain from posting or to post without any reference to our work together. This protects your privacy, which is part of my role as a professional coach.
  • As you might expect, I reserve the right to withhold any post I feel is either inappropriate or not beneficial to the conversation. Please accept my apologies in advance if you disagree with my decision.

I would appreciate your patience (and encouragement) as I take the next step to becoming more socially engaged online. I’m trying to push myself to move in this direction more and more with time.

By the way, I’m also moving in the direction of doing more writing for publication. I’ll share more about this in my next post. I pray that God sustains me in this, because I really love doing it and it’s a great way to have influence for the Kingdom.

Finding a way to do it as a passive income stream would be helpful for our family, too. I’m still praying about that one.

For all who’ve given feedback on my blog writings thus far, thank you. I look forward to more of your feedback and staying in touch with even more of you here in this blog space.