Grieving Robin Williams’ Death against the Backdrop of Christian Genocide in Iraq

(Warning: This story is a bit graphic in nature. But it’s an important subject matter.)

Anyone who cares for a great comedy is mourning the loss of actor Robin Williams, apparently to suicide. Early reports indicate that the actor died from asphyxiation.

Playing such crazy rolls as the lovable Mrs. Doubtfire and the unpredictable genie in Disney’s Aladdin, it’s not a stretch to guess that Robin Williams may have suffered from some form of bipolar disorder. Those who knew him reported that he’d been struggling with severe depression in recent days.

This is truly a great loss in the world of entertainment.

But there’s something more disturbing to me.

Juxtaposed against this story is the unconscionable ongoing brutality that’s taking place among Christians in Iraq. If you haven’t been paying attention recently, untold thousands of Christians have fled Iraq to the mountains, running from Islamic jihadists who are brutally killing them at will.

Actually, that’s a gross understatement. These savage killings are making the Nazi holocaust look relatively tame by comparison. In the 1940’s, the world was horrified to discover the Nazi’s gassing millions of Jews in mass death chambers made to function like community showers. Today, these Islamic jihadists in Iraq are committing mass crimes against humanity, including reports of rape, crucifixion, cutting a baby in half, and placing the decapitated heads of children on poles for public display in the park.

I’m really sad to hear that Robin Williams is no longer with us. I’m further saddened by what must have been his suffering in this life. And it’s very understandable to report the loss of such a talented actor in the media.

However, I’m having some difficulty getting in touch with feelings about his loss when thousands upon thousands are being mutilated by brute force – simply because they claim the name of Christ.

When our national leaders are quicker to offer their condolences for a deceased actor than to acknowledge the genocide of our time, we can only interpret this as a sign of the times.

As Christians, we must be be paying attention. Islamic Jihad is quickly spreading around the globe.

It’s not likely to be long before we find ourselves having it directly impact us here in this country. After all, there’s lots of folks coming across our southern border these days unchecked.

Coincidence? It’s hard to say.

Regardless, we Christians need to be praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are daily facing the choice of martyrdom.

After all, it may not be all that long before others around the world are praying a similar prayer for us.


(Note: if you want to know more about what’s going on in Iraq, I encourage you to do a little research online. Just prepare yourself to see things that are truly horrifying. The atrocities are real and we need to not be numb or complacent about the evil of our time.)