Your Passion. On Purpose. Blog.

My purpose for this blog is to encourage Christians in both business and ministry environments to live more intentionally for the glory of God. Whether or not you ever engage me directly for professional services, I pray you find value in this blog. Here, you will find everything from my original thoughts to news stories and links related to:

  • Practical thoughts on Christian sexual purity
  • Christian perspective on the sexualized culture
  • Ideas on healthy self-care for Christians in both business and ministry settings
  • Application of biblical passages to daily life of the Christian professional

Some entries (certainly the earlier ones) will simply be traditional blog posts; others will merely be a sentence or two introducing a link to a variety of news articles I feel might be of interest to my readers. Eventually, my intention is to also begin a podcast where I can “on the fly” create 3-5 minute entries for sharing my thoughts with you in a more intimate environment.

Three thoughts for now:

(1) Sign up my newsletter on the Intentional Hearts homepage. Essentially, you will be signing up to receive email notification of when I post an update to the blog. I promise you won’t be overrun with useless stuff from me, probably a few postings a week at most. I also promise to only send out things you really might appreciate and find beneficial as a busy business or ministry professional.

(2) Everyone who signs up for the newsletter will be given instant access to an electronic edition of the introduction to my book, Preventing Ministry Failure (InterVarsity Press). You will also be placed in a monthly drawing for a signed copy of the book, as well.

(3) If I can ever be of service to you professionally, feel free to contact me directly by email or phone. I promise that if I’m not the best person to help you, I will do everything I can to help guide you to who would be.

Oh, one more thing. I’ll explain the tagline in a later post, but I’m always going to remind you to live…

Your Passion. On Purpose.