MT Recommends: “Let’s Talk about S-E-X” by Talli Moellering

Periodically, I’m going to begin highlighting solid books related to sexuality, either that are specifically Christian or that are written by solid Christian authors. This will be the first one.

Talli Moellering is a friend and colleague in the Atlanta area. She is a very gifted and skilled sex educator who helps students, teachers and parents through her effective teaching of sex education in the public schools. Over the years, Talli has provided classroom instruction for 6th through 12th grade students and shared important curriculum components with their parents, training other educators to deliver the message effectively. She has trained health educators in the public schools across the state of Georgia to deliver the standard sex education curriculum with a medically accurate focus on saving sex for marriage.

From her website:

Throughout her 15 years of working in this field, Talli’s foremost passion is always evident: to educate and motivate parents to talk to their teen about sex. Through parent training workshops, Talli encourages parents to be on the front lines – fighting for their teen’s future in a relevant manner that challenges the teen to understand that choices they make today will impact their life tomorrow. Talli is keenly aware that her message of not participating in sexual activity and saving sex for marriage is against current societal norms. Regardless, Talli continues to leverage her expertise, knowing that if parents take an active role in this process, teens will make healthier choices that benefit them greatly.

I’ve known Talli for I don’t know how many years now. For all that time, she’s been trying to get this book published. Finally, it’s here. Her new book, Let’s Talk about S-E-X: Equipping Parents to Tackle Sex and Dating with Truth and Tenacity, does exactly what the title claims. It’s a “how-to” guide for parents of middle- and high-schoolers who desire to educate their teens about the facts surrounding teen sex but lack the confidence and tools to do so. The book teaches her Pure Sexual Freedom model, and she is very effective at what she does.

If you or someone you know needs an up-to-date text for both understanding the current tween/teen culture and for effective equipping to speak into a child’s forming sexual identity – while still doing so from a decidedly Biblical foundation – Talli’s book is the new standard.