Real Lessons from Fallen Christian Leaders

Sometimes, it’s best not to reinvent the wheel.

A minister friend sent me this last week. It’s a blog from pastor Garrett Kell on lessons all of us can learn from fallen pastors. He cites a survey that was done by the late Howard Hendrix (his former professor at Dallas Theological Seminary). Of nearly 250 fallen Christian leaders in the survey, four consistent themes emerged:

1. None of the men were involved in any kind of real personal accountability. 

2. Each of the men had all but ceased having a daily time of personal prayer, Bible reading, and worship. 

3. Over 80% of the men became sexually involved with the other woman after spending significant time with her, often in counseling situations.

4. Without exception, each of the 246 had been convinced that sort of fall “would never happen to me.”

For more on the survey, including particularly beneficial application questions from Garrett, check out his blog article. It’s a great devotional read worthy of five minutes of your time.