Thoughts of Home for the Holidays

“Home for the Holidays”. It’s a significant theme at Christmas time.

But there’s a different kind of home I’m thinking about right now. It’s a bit more transcendent than the one connected to our extended families.

Mark Laaser wrote a book called Seven Desires. In it, he wrote there are seven desires that seem universal for most people: the desire to be heard, affirmed, blessed, safe, touched, chosen and included. These desires can be seen from two sides of the same coin. They can either be seen as deficiencies that cause us to seek out all kinds of unhealthy habits and addictions, or they can be seen as tools for reminding us of a place where they not only can be satisfied but always were meant to be satisfied.


Isn’t that the essential message of the Prodigal Son? We left home because we felt we were being unfairly treated by Dad. But a long season fending for ourselves to get our desires satisfied showed us it was our attitude towards Dad that was the problem. Back home, we had all we needed, even if it wasn’t always what we thought we wanted.

But life in the Far Country has a way of maturing our perspective. After our painful life experiences teach us a thing or two, we have a new attitude.

When we finally realize the longings of our heart are intentionally placed there by our Creator, we can be satisfied. Until then, we’ll only be filled with striving for more of what we don’t yet have.

Seen from the Father’s viewpoint, our unmet desires are no longer things to be cut off and destroyed, but rather listened to and respected.

In some sense, they’re a homing beacon, constantly pointing us back home.

Whatever our heart’s cry is this Christmas season, we can gently remind ourselves of the baby Who came to call us Home.

Wishing you a renewed vision of Home this holiday season.

p.s. See you in 2015!